Airbus Industrie is a commercial airline manufacturer. Its products differ in size and range from the shorthaul Airbus A318 to the A380 (the largest commercial passenger jet in the World). Airbus was founded in 1970 by numerous European aeronautical companies and backed by numerous European governments in order to break the Boeing monopoly of wide-bodied commercial airliner products in Europe. In 2000 EADS bought over most of the aviation firms that owned Airbus, and thus Airbus became a subsidary of EADS ever since. 

Civilian Products[]

Airbus A300 - the launch aircraft of Airbus, it founded a market as the world's first twin aisled and engined aircraft. 

Airbus A310 - a shorter version of the A300, the A310-200 founded a new market

Airbus A320 - The world's first fly-by-wire commercial airliner, it was a success. Airbus later developed three new variants of this model, a lengthened A321, and shortened A318 and A319. 

Airbus A330 - Airbus' aim at grabbing a new market, the A330 became the longest sized and ranged commercial jet until the Boeing 777 was introduced.

Airbus A340 - A marginal success for Airbus, the A340-600 was the longest commercial aircraft until the introduction of the Boeing 747-8.

Airbus A350 - Airbus' newest product, it is aimed to replace the A330 and A340.

Airbus A380 - The world's first commercially flown double-deck jet-liner, it is currently the world's largest commercial airliner as well.

Military Products[]

C212 - A small-sized light tactical transport aircraft produced by Airbus equipped with advanced FITS systems.

A400M - A heavy transport aircraft used widely by NATO nations, it is equipped with the same instrument panel and fly-by-wire computer systems as the other civilian Airbus products.